Holiday ROI Tracking with TFNs

With the multitude of Christmas tree graphics, lists of must-buy gifts and images of velour-clad Santas taking over the Internet and retail stores alike, it’s hard to forget that the holiday season is once again upon us. For marketers, this means ramping up a holiday marketing optimization strategy…for next year.

Yes, that’s right – next year. As seasoned marketers will tell you, it’s not only important that you implement creative, effective campaigns this year, it’s also important that you take the right steps this holiday season to optimize next year’s campaigns.

Fortunately, planning ahead doesn't have to be complicated. One simple method of campaign measurement is to utilize toll-free numbers (TFNs) as ROI tracking tools. This allows you to easily determine which campaigns were a hit and should be implemented again next year, as well as which campaigns weren't so successful.

Not sure where to start? Here are five places to use TFNs in your holiday campaigns:

1. Christmas cards or emails. When your company sends out Christmas cards or emails, insert a TFN on the back of the card or in the body of the email.

2. Christmas gifts. Print a TFN on a sticker to place on Christmas gifts such as cookie tins or candy bars with personalized wrappers.

3. Viral marketing. Integrate a TFN into viral content, whether it be an interactive campaign like Office Max’s "Elf Yourself" or a festive YouTube video.

4. Twelve days of Christmas. Offer a different promotion for your products or services every day for 12 days. Use one TFN for all 12 days to measure the success of the campaign as a whole or assign 12 different TFNs to determine which specific promotion generates the most responses.

5. Calendars. Include a TFN on every page of a calendar and see how much activity is generated throughout the year.

Can you think of any other creative ways to use TFNs this holiday season? Post a comment and let us know!

Social Media Buttons and Tracking Their ROI

Social media has continued to grow, more so than anyone would have expected. It not only connects users with their friends and networks, but also informs users what their own family and friends like. Google saw the Facebook “Like” button taking off and knew their social media presence was lacking. Several of their past social media products never grabbed attention of the mainstream Google users.

Out came the “+1” button several months ago. Initially figured to be a simple optical ranking feature, we’re now seeing how much more powerful it may be soon with their new Google+ social network. A direct competitor to Facebook and Twitter, Google+ could soon connect users with their friend’s and family’s preferences on every single search result page.

Though it may take some time, I expect eventually, when searching for local coffee shops in your area, your results page will show both total “+1” clicks but also your specific friends that have “+1’ed” the coffee shop. This will be very similar to what Bing has already implemented, using your already established Facebook friends.

Considering it’s free price tag, low maintenance, and rate of return for some, these simple social media buttons can really help a product take off and become a great marketing tactic. Facebook still being the most used button, Google’s +1 button has already taken the number-two spot from Twitter in only its first couple of months.

Though it may be very powerful, one issue with social media buttons is trying to track their ROI. Managers want to know how well their company’s social media efforts are working and if it is turning sales. Some methods include using analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite to track your social media presence, but what if many of your sales come in from phone calls? Call tracking (local or toll-free numbers) can link sales to social media pages or other websites.

Get Real-Time Access to Call-Generated Lead Data

Who’s Calling offers an exciting desktop application called REACT that changes the way Who’s Calling clients fully utilize their call tracking services.

With REACT, clients can efficiently and effectively measure and immediately respond to live calls without ever having to log into their Who’s Calling product website. Clients can monitor in real-time their incoming and outgoing call traffic, update lead details and listen to call recordings while calls are in progress without opening a new browser or logging into the Who’s Calling application.

“REACT will truly enhance the way our clients track and manage lead traffic while providing them an efficient tool to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty,” said Suzanna Hellinger, Product Development Manager.

With REACT, clients can better track which of their campaigns are generating leads and which of their employees are making outbound calls using an outbound dialing number or using their Click-to-Call feature. The Who’s Calling application syncs immediately with REACT so call detail information will always be up-to-date and accurate.

Never miss another lead with REACT.

Check out REACT here to find out more information.

Call Evaluation Made Simple With RESCUE

It is proven that evaluating your service and sales agents is an effective way to improve their performance. Additionally, effective call evaluation procedures can capture missed or lost opportunities due to improperly handled call interactions. But who has the time or training to do all that?

To solve that problem, Who’s Calling launched RESCUE, a product developed specifically for dealers to handle the process of sales and service call analysis in order to efficiently and effectively identify mishandled opportunities. This process will enable dealers to recapture lost leads which will help reclaim lost revenue.

The key to RESCUE is our call evaluation professionals that will listen and monitor your calls. They are highly trained in dealership operations and have the skills and the knowledge to identify ineffective call handling immediately, providing you with ways to train and evaluate your staff like never before.

“By listening to customer feedback, we learned of a growing need for a product that could help hold sales and service staffs accountable in order to minimize inefficient call handling and increase revenue” said Craig Watts, Manager of Client Support. “And the easiest way for dealers to increase revenue is by effectively handling the customer calls that are already coming in.”

Check out RESCUE here to find out more information.

We've Got Your Number

Thought you were already using Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) everywhere you could be?

Think again. Here are additional ways in which your advertising can benefit from your TFNs, besides call recording and call tracking.

VIP Treatment – Your customer is your most valuable asset. After the sale, give them a “gold card” with a number that rings directly to the manager. At any time, should they ever feel they are not receiving the best customer service; the manager will handle the matter personally.

CSI Tool – Create a number specific for customer suggestions or complaints to ensure immediate response and action when these calls come in.

Referrals – Give a special number to existing customers and discover how many referrals you receive from satisfied customers.

Recruitment Ads – A great way to ‘pre–screen’ prospective employees is to review their initial interest call.

Business Cards – Assign a unique TFN to each sales representative so prospects can reach them directly.

Yellow Pages – Feel like you spend a lot of money on your Yellow Page ads? Find out which books are really performing for you by placing a TFN in each ad.

Newspaper Ads – Different types of ads work better in different ways. Find out whether your liner ads are performing better than your display ads (or vice versa), which days generate higher call volumes for each, and more.

Internet Ads/Sites – With so many websites and internet promotions available, it’s hard to know what really drives the traffic, but with a TFN you know exactly which ones are the most beneficial.

Promotional Items – Place a unique TFN on all promotional items and use these as a form of advertisement.

Outbound Email – When prospects are ready to take the next step and get more information, they will usually pick up the phone, even when responding to an email. Be sure to place a TFN in all communications, including electronic media.